1. Origin Authors: Dao Thuy Nhuan, Huynh Yen Nghia, Nguyen Van Doang, Nguyen Tan Hinh, Nguyen Manh Don  – Plant Biotechnology Division – FCRI - AC5 was bred from C70/CR203//10TGMS by anther culture combining with conventional line breeding, and it was certified as a national variety according to Decision No. 56/QĐ-BNN-TT date 08/01/2008. 2. Major morphology and varietal characteristics - Growth duration: 145-150 days in Spring, 115 – 120 days in Summer season. - V shape plant type, leaves are broad, green and medium height, high tillers, 1000 grain weight 24.0g; - Average yield of 5.5-7.0 tons/ha. long grain and low amylose content <18%, aroma. - AC5 has resistance to lodging, and tolerates to cold, mild infected to Brown plant hopper, and blast. 3. Contact Plant Biotechnology Division, Gia Loc - Hai Duong ĐT: 0320.3716570