International Cooperation and Sciences


Offerring advisory to Directorate in establishing strategy of science and technology, managing the institute’s scicentific activities, mornitoring and supervising research projects, transfering of advanced technologies, and international cooperating.


Building strategy of science and technology and research projects/themes for long-term and short-term, and implementation plan.

Developing plans for international cooperation on scientific research and transfer of technology.

Building plans for information, publishing books, documents and estimation of the implementing costs.

Providing guidance to affiliated departments/units in research proposals, contents, and project budget estimation in accordance with the regulations of the State.

Managing, monitoring and supervising project leaders to precisely implement research themes, projects in accordance to the approved contents, schedules and publish information.

Participating in adjustment of research content timely to perform all tasks given by higher-standing offices.

Synthesizing research results and submitting reports on time as required by the leaders and management institutions as regulated.

Annually, building detailed activity plans for affiliated departments/units on the basis of balancing ability, financial and human resources to make maximum use of potentials of land, specialty products, technical staff, machinery and equipment of FCRI.

Checking, monitoring the implementation of production and use of experimental products; application of technical processes in demonstration models of affiliated departments/units; assisting Directorate in management and guidance of production efficiency to continuously increase the revenues of FCRI.

        Head: Dr. Phan Thi Thanh

No. Name Possition Tel Email
1 Phan Thi Thanh Head 02203716384
2 Truong Thi Khanh Researcher 02203716384
3 Nguyen Thi Sen Researcher 02203716384
4 Duong Van Quy Researcher 02203716384
5 Le Thi Thanh Ly Researcher 02203716384
6 Ngo Doan Tai Researcher 02203717419
7 Nguyen Thi Viet Hang Researcher 02203717419
8 Nguyen Thi Thanh Van Researcher 02203717419
9 Truong Thi Kim Tuyen Technical worker 02203717419

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            Tel: (84) 220 3716384

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