1. Origin

Authors: Vu Tuyen Hoang, Dao Xuan Thang,  Nguyen Van Tuynh, Vu Thi Lan, Tran Van Khoi, Vu Van Le

Guava No. 1 was selected from import population from Malaysia through bulk selection and grapping. Guava No. 1 has been registered as improved variety according to decree No. 5218 BNN-KHCN/QĐ, on 16/11/2000.

2. Major morphology and varietal characteristics

Guava No. 1 has a strong growth capable, wide adaptability. Guava gives 2-4 fruit season/year, up to 8-10 tonnes/ha. Average fruit weight of 317 g/fruit, up to 700 – 800g/fruit. At the 4th years the Guava No. 1 is much higher than the local varieties in the production areas.

Fruit quality: high sugar content, sweet eating qualities, soft bowel, small particles with distinct aroma.

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