1. Origin Authors: Nguyen Thi Gam, Tran Van Tu, Khuc Dinh Quang et all - Conventional Rice Research and Development Center – FCRI - SH14 was bred from Peiai64S/Newteqing/IR10198.  It’s temporarily recognized by Decision No 215/QĐ- TT- CLT date 02/10/2008. 2. Major morphology and varietal characteristics - Growth duration: 135-140 days in Spring, 105-110 days in Summer season - Plant height: 105cm, good plant type, it grows fast and has high tillers - Average yield 6.0 tons/ha, in good intensive cultivation can reach 7.0-8.0 tons/ha - Sh14 has a good resistance to major pests and diseases, wide adaptation and can cultivate in intensive condition. 3. Contact Inbred Rice Research and Development Center, Gia Loc - Hai Duong ĐT: 04.36875398