Other names: Luan Van Grapefruit

Origins: Village Luận Văn , Tho Xuong Commune, Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province

Product Type: Fresh Fruit naturally is protected the Geographical Indications (CDDL)  No. 00 039 dated 12.18.2013.

Information about the product: Grapefruit are liked  by consumers in the city of Thanh Hoa. According to the Center for Tissue Culture of Thanh Hoa, Luân Văn grapefruit  maintains only the It’s rarity characteristics at 2 communes(Tho Xuong  and Yen Bai) and some neighboring communes of Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province.

Grapefruit has flattened circles,  when small grapefruit is green, when ripe turns a crimson red, peel, pulp, citrus peel very beautiful red, juicy, sweet, aromatic characteristics. Prominent advantages of Luan Văn grapefruit  is a good quality, attractive colors, fragrant, long term storage, harvest time to coincide with the lunar Tet, so demand on Luan Van grapefruit  is very high .

Seasonality: Started nine calendar from December to the end of January next year,

Consulting Unit:  Centre for Agrarian Systems Research and Development, Field Crops Research  Institute