The Division of Animal Feeding Crops belongs to the Field Crops Research Institute with functions of scientific research, technology transfer, international cooperation, cooperation, consulting, services, experimentation, and production of animal feeding crops nationwide.


  • Develop strategies, programs, projects, plans for scientific research and technology transfer of the division and submit them to competent authorities for approval and implementation.
  • Carrying out basic research, applied research and implementation research on animal feeding crops, including: (i) Collecting, evaluating, preserving and utilizing genetic resources of animal feeding crops. (ii) Genetics, breeding and propagation of animal feeding crops; maintain and restore the original and author’s resemblance; applying biotechnology to serve breeding and cultivation techniques; (iii) Cultivation technique, technological process; (iv) Prevention methods for pests and diseases, and application of biological products in pest and disease controls; (v) Product quality and processing; (vi) Mechanization in production and processing;
  • Consulting, providing services, transferring technology, implementing agricultural extension missions in the field of animal feed.
  • Participate in training and fostering human resources; Build a scientific database specializing in animal feed crops; Organize the exploitation and promotion of scientific and technological products according to regulations;
  • Corporate and associate on scientific research, technology transfer, experts, testing adaptability and trying new technical advances within the scope of functions of the division with domestic and foreign individuals and organizations according to the provisions of law.


General Director and Head of Division: Dr. Nguyen Trong Khanh


+ Address: Lien Hong commune – Hai Duong city – Hai Duong province

+ Phone: 0912180595
+ Email: mrkhanh64@gmail.com