Hybrid Rice Research and Development


The Center is a scientific unit belonging to FCRI with the following functions: Researching, developing technology and tranferring on hybrid rice in the whole country


  • Building strategy on researching, developing, and tranferring technology and projects for hybrid rice
  • Implementing  gene technology, biotechnology and biochemistry to develop, select and breeding hybrid rice
  • Conducting research on cultivation and technology to develop hybrid rice with high and stable yield, tolerant to major pests and diseases, tolerant to abiotic stress, and meet the demand of sustainable development
  • Developing and selecting hybrid rice for different ecology regions
  • Using seed technology and cultivation for new hybrid rice varieties
  • Colaborating with other organizations in and out country in the field of develop hybrid rice
  • Training and consulting and doing service on rice technology and extension on hybrid rice
  • Maintaining the orginal and breeder seed, and tranferring advance technology on hybrid rice varieties
  • Participating in import and export hybrid rice varieties and technologies for rice producing according to the Vietnamese and international laws and regulations.
  • Anually, building detailed activity plans for affiliated departments/units on the basis of balancing ability, financial and human resources to make maximum use of potentials of land, specialty products, technical staff, machinery and equipment of the Center.


            Director: PhD. Le Hung Phong

            Deputy directors:  MSc. Le Dieu My

            Deputy directors:  MSc. Nguyen Van Thu         


           Thanh Tri – Hanoi

            Tel: (84) 243 6875142  

            Fax: (84) 243 6875035