Administration and Finance


Assisting the Directorate organization and implementation of finance and account plan; Organization of data information to reflect and monitor the funds, situation of fund use, drawing the balance sheet; situation use and management of assets; situation of execution of income and outlay; implementation of the State standards and norms by different departments. 

Implementing State control functions of different departments, control of the use of all sources of funds by different departments.


Building general estimation of State fund income and outlay; collecting, reflecting and treatment of information on fund sources and situation of fund use, income and outlay in FCRI.

Organizing of fund projection and account planning: monitoring and control of situation on execution of finance estimation; situation of implementation of economical and financial indicators; execution of State standards and norms; monitoring and control of the use and management of materials and assets; control of situation of execution of regulations on fund income and outlay, disciplines in financial liquidation and State regimens and policies.

Timely supplying fund, control and monitoring of fund income and spending and implementation of budget estimate of research topics and projects within FCRI.

Compiling and submitting financial reports to upper-standing and financial management offices as regulated; regularly or irregularly reporting to the Director General on income and outlay of FCRI and its affiliated departments and units.

Directing and distributing guidance to FCRI affiliated units on financial policies, regimens of the Government; State regulations on finance and account operations, and other related documents of FCRI; providing necessary documents and information, cost norms for building cost estimations of research and development projects/themes.

Approving of cost estimation and budget liquidation of affiliated units.

Offering advisory to the Directorate on measures for saving, preventing waste of fund resources in order to use them correctly and in most effective ways and continuously improving the financial management activities.


            Head: B.A. Nguyen Van Tang

Phone book

No. Name Possition Tel Email
1 Nguyen Van Tang Head 0220.3716394
2 Nguyen Thi Hong Gam Deputy Head 0220.3716935   
3  Nguyen Van Tien Deputy Head   024.3861.5485
4 Nguyen Thi Hong Tra Specialist 0220.3716396
5 Nguyen Thi Hoa Specialist 0220.3716463 
6  Nguyen Thanh Loan Specialist 0220.3716396
7 Vu Dinh Tao Driver 0220.3716463  
8 Nguyen Van Dung Driver 024.36875036  
9 Tran Xuan An Technical worker 0220.3716463 
10 Doan Thi Thuy Technical worker 0220.3716463  
11 Nguyen Thi Phuc Technical worker 0220.3716463  
12 Tran Bui Thuy Linh Technical worker 0220.3716463
13 Nguyen Dac Cuong Technical worker 0220.3716463
14 Nguyen Thanh Hung Guard 0220.3716013
15 Hoang Van Hai Guard 024.36875036   
16  Nguyen Thi Lien Accountant 0220.3716935
17  Nguyen Thi Ha Accountant 0220.3716935 
18  Vu Nam Binh Accountant 0220.3716935 


           Hai Duong capital – Hai Duong

            Tel: (84) 220 371935

            Fax: (84) 220 3716385