1. Origin

Authors: Field Crops research Institute

C95 was selected from NN325 x No. 7 population. It was registed as nation variety accordance with Decision 2182/QĐ-TT-CLT, in July 29, 2004 of Department of Production of Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MARD) Vietnam.

2.  Major morphology and varietal characteristics

– Growth duration: 125 – 135 days

– Plant height: 80-85cm; semi-intermediate form, normal blue leave shapes, flowers and fruit set in intermediate forms, bright red ripen fruits color, round fruits with H/D of 1.04, thick pulp (0.75), little seed, dry matter content> 6.0%, Brix 4.8 to 5.1 %.

– Average yield: 40-45 tons/ha

–  Early (Alternaria) Blight and Bacterial Wilt resistance

– C95 has good quality that suitable to dome tic consumer as well as for processing

3. Contact:

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