1. Origin

Authors: Dr. Dao Xuan Thang

Wax gourd No. 2 is a new promissing inbred variety developed by FCRI.

2.  Major morphology and varietal characteristics

It has a growth duration of 100-120 days in Spring season and 95-110 days in Fall season. It has good growth and development, tolerance to cold and high yield. The average yield in spring season and Fall season are 45-55 ton/ha and 40-50ton/ha, respectively. Fruits are uniform and in marketable preferred size of 60-70cm, and average weigh of 2.5-3.5 kg. Wax gourd No.2 has thick white flesh and long storage life. Fruits are suitable for consuming as vegetables and for processing.

Wax gourd is in multi environment testing program in the North of Vietnam and the initial results have showed significant increase in Net benefits to farmers about 33-55 million VND per hectare. According to FCRI statistic, annually, there are more than 500 hectares of Wax gourd No. 2 in the North of Vietnam.

3. Contact:

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