Administration and Finance

Advising and combining documents to help the Director carry out management work on organization and staff; financial, accounting; administration, management and basic construction.


1. Carry out organizational and staff work (management, employment, training, resource allocation, planning and promotion of staff, etc.);

2. Manage human resources, wages and policies for staffs of the Institute according to regulations of the State and agencies;

3. Carry out planning work, prepare revenue and expenditure estimates, manage the use of capital sources, etc.;

4. Manage the implementation of revenue and expenditure estimates, settlement of all funding sources of the Institute;

5. Carry out administrative and management work of the Institute;

6. Management of capital construction; Procurement and management of office supplies and equipment, etc.;

7. Management of agency assets;

8. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Institute leaders.

Chief: Nguyen Van Tang

Deputy Chief: Nguyen Thi Hong Gam

Deputy Chief: Nguyen Thi Hong Tra

Deputy Chief: Nguyen Van Tien

+ Adress: Lien Hong commune – Hai Duong city – Hai Duong province
+ Tel: 02203.716.463
+ Fax: 02203.716.385
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