The Centre is a scientific unit belonging to FCRI with the following functions: research and development for sustainable agrarian systems in ecological regions, consultancy, cooperation and training in agrarian systems. 


  • Research changes and new trends in agrarian systems and food security,  economic structure transition in the whole country as well as in different ecological regions develop suitable cropping systems for different ecological regions.
  • Research and develop sustainable development models for agricultural production and rural communities (crops, livestock, non-farm activities, services, etc.) suitable for the socio-economic conditions of the localities and market demand
  • Study economics, markets and develop agri-food commodity chains in general  and specific quality supply chains in particular in order to promote local advantages.
  • Study, assess natural resources, agricultural and rural environments
  •  Research and develop institutions to organise agricultural production and quality control, establish farmer associations and extension organisations.
  •  Advise on agricultural and rural policies at central, provincial and local levels, evaluate the impacts of public policies.
  •  Develop international and national cooperation in the field of agrarian systems research and development and other relevant topics
  • Be involved in conducting graduate and post-graduate trainings, farmer trainings and  provide consultancy on agriculture and rural development and technology transfer for production.
  • Cooperate in terms of research and training activities with other VAAS research units specializing in agrarian system and socio-economic research
  •  Invest and provide with services for selling agricultural products and agricultural and rural development.

             Director: Dr. Trinh Van Tuan


           Thanh Tri – Hanoi

           Tel: (84) 2433 650 793      Fax: (84) 2433 650 862