Center for Agrarian Systems Research and Development

The Center is a public scientific unit under the Field Crops Research Institute. The Center has the function of researching and developing sustainable agricultural systems for ecological regions, researching socio-economic issues for agriculture and rural development; consulting, cooperation and training for agrarian systems

  • Research trends in agricultural system, food security developments; economic structure for ecological regions; sustainable agriculture and rural models.
  • Research on economy and market, development of agricultural products, especially special origin products; Economic research and evaluation of natural resources and diverse functions of sustainable agriculture and rural areas.
  • Research and develop institutions for organizing farmers and agricultural extension, institutions for agricultural quality management.
  • Economic research and assessment of natural resources and agricultural and rural environments and the diverse functions of agriculture to serve sustainable agriculture to serve sustainable agricultural and rural development.
  • Cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals for agrarian systems.
  • Training, consulting, transferring technical advances and organizing production and markets in the field of agriculture and rural areas.
  • Investing and providing services in the field of agricultural products, agricultural and rural development services according to the provisions of law.
    Director: Dr. Trinh Van Tuan
    Vice Director: MSc. Pham Thi Hanh Tho
    Vice director: Dr. Hoang Xuan Truong
  • Address: Vinh Quynh – Thanh Tri – Hanoi
  • Tel: 02433.650.793
  • Fax: 02433.650.862
  • Email:
  • Website:

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