Horticulture And High – Tech Agricuture


The Division has following functions: Conducting research on vegetables, fruit trees and transferring new technology in the Red River Delta and other regions with the same cultivation condition


  • Building plan on doing research, and transferring technology of vegetables
  • Research on selecting, breeding and establishing cultivation methods for fruit trees
  • Consulting, training and collaborating with national and international organizations
  • Maintaining original and breeder varietal seed, and transferring advanced technology in vegetables and fruits to the production


             Head: Dr. Doan Xuan Canh

             Deputy Head: MSc. Nguyen Dinh Thieu


            Hai Duong capital – Haiduong

            Tel: (84) 220 3716386

            Fax: (84) 220 3716385

            Email: canh_rq@yahoo.com.vn