1. Origin

Authors: Dr. Dao Xuan Thang, MSc. Doan Xuan Canh, BSc. Dao Van Hoi

Wax gourd No. 1 is a inbred variety selected from local wax gourd lanraces and authorized by FCRI. It was registed as nation variety accordance with Decision 191/QĐ-TT-CLT, in Auguest 26, 2008 of Department of Production of Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MARD) Vietnam.

2.  Major morphology and varietal characteristics

Wax gourd No. 1 has good growth development and wide adapability. I can be cultivated 2 seasons per year (Spring and Fall). It have a growth duration 110 – 120 days (Spring) and 100 – 110 days (Fall) and  average yield of 40 – 45 ton/ha (Spring) and 35 – 40 ton/ha (Fall). Wax gourd No.1 has purity of 98 – 99% and the first fruit havest time is about 75 – 80 DAS. Maturity fruit is 2.0-3.0 kg and consumed as vegetable or used to processing soda and candy. Fruits are uniform and have a thin layer of chalkiness on the cover, thick flesh and few seeds. Wax gourd No.1 production area annualy is about 300 hectarates in the North of Vietnam.

3. Contact:

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