Legumes Research and Development Center

Legumes Research and Development Center is a public scientific service unit under the Field Crops Research Institute. The Center has the function of scientific research, technology transfer and business of legumes (peanuts, soybeans, green beans, etc.) nationwide.

  • Develop and implement programs, projects, plans for scientific research and technology transfer in the field of beans and some oil crops.
  • Research on genetics, breeding and seed production of legume crops.
  • Research on cultivation methods, technological process for developing legume crops.
  • Cooperate with domestic and foreign individuals and organizations for legume crops.
  • Training, consulting, providing science and technological services and agricultural extension for legume crops.
  • Producing, processing, trading of legume products and other agricultural products.
  • Importing and exporting seeds, bean products and materials for agricultural production according to the provisions of law.
    Director of the Center: Nguyen Xuan Thu
    Vice director of the Center: Nguyen Ngoc Quat
  • Adress: Vinh Quynh – Thanh Tri – Hanoi
  • Mobile: 02438.613.919
  • Fax: 02438.618.095
  • Email: pthu1968@yahoo.com