Root and Tuber Crops Research and Development


The Center is a scientific unit belonging to FCRI with the following functions: Researching, developing technology and tranferring on tuber and root crops (potato, sweet potato, cassava and other tuber crops) in the whole country


  • Building strategy on researching, developing, and tranferring technology and projects for tuber and root crops
  • Research on genes, selecting and breeding on tuber and root crops
  • Research on cultivation method, storage technology and post harvest, processing and developing tuber and root crops
  • Colaborating with other organizations in and out country in the field of tuber and root crops according to the State laws and regulations
  • Training and consulting and doing service on technology and extension on tuber and root crops
  • Maintaining the orginal and breeder varietal seed, tranferring advanced technology on tuber and root crops
  • Producing, storaging, processing, selling and importing tuber and root crops and others related.
  • Anually, building detailed activity plans for affiliated departments/units on the basis of balancing ability, financial and human resources to make maximum use of potentials of land, specialty products, technical staff, machinery and equipment of the Center.


             Director: Dr. Trinh Van My

             Deputy Director: MSc. Nguyen Trong Hien

             Deputy Director: MSc. Nguyen Dat Thoai


            Thanh Tri – Hanoi

             Tel: (84) 243 8615485

             Fax: (84) 243 8616821