1. Origin

Authors:  Root and Tuber Crops Research and Development, Field Crops Research Institute and Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry

KM 98-7 was selected from SM 1717 with monther of CM321-188, (polycross) imported from CIAT/Colombia in 1995. It has been officially introducing to production according to Decision No. 216/QĐ-TT-CLT dated 2/10/2008.

1.  Major morphology and varietal characteristics

– Growth duration: 7-10 months
– Browish stems, no braching.

– Tiny leaves, deeply divided lobes, petioles and leaf green.
– white starch and brown tuber skin

– Yield: 25 – 45 ton/ha
– Dry matter content:  38 – 40%; Starch ratio: 28 – 30%.

– It has wide adaptability and can grow in many different soil types. Dought tolerance, resistance to logging.

– KM 98-7 is suitable for processing and fresh use (not bitter – low HCN).

– After being introduced to the production, KM 98-7 was quickly accept by farmers in the North of Vietnam and was produced in large scale, by 2008, there was more 500 hectares of KM 98-7.


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