1. Origin

Authors: Imported from SL Agritech-Philippines Coop.

Organization applied for registeration and trail: Hybrid Rice Research and Development Center, FCRI

SL8H, a three line hybrid rice imported from IRRI in 2004, was developed from CMS mother: SL – 1A, SL – 8R (father).

SL8H was inroduced to production according to Decision No. 89/QĐ-TT-CLT dated 16/4/2010

2. Major morphology and varietal characteristics

– Growth duration: 125-130 (DS); 110-115 (WS)

– Plant height: 90-100cm, high tiller number, large, thick and green leaf

– Average yield: 7.0-8.0 tons/ha (DS), 6.0-7.0 tons/ha (WS), long panicle and high grain, 1000 seeds weight of 23 – 24 gam.

– Good milling rate (69-71%), long and stagnant kernel, soft cooked rice.

– SLH8 has medium tolerant to cold at seedling stage. SLH8 has hard stem, with good logging resistance, major diseases resistance and intensive cultivation adaptation.

3. Contact

Hybrid Rice Research and Development Center

Thanh Tri, Hanoi
Tel: 024.36875048