Other names: Purple Sugar Cane Quang Ninh province

Origins: Hoanh Bo, Hai Ha, Dam Ha, Ba che- Quang Ninh.

Product Type: natural fresh sugarcane is protected collective marks (NHTT) dated 03.18.2014 No. 221 460.

Information about the product: Quang Ninh Purple sugarcane  has short  internode, soft; weight from 2,3 – 2,9kg / plant, the Brix of sugarcan eaqueous from 17.3 to 20.5%, dry matter from 20.7 to 22.6%; organic acids from 3.2 to 6.3%; Sucrose from 15.3 to 18.4%.

Season: Sugarcane is planted from December to February (harvest after planting of 10 – 11 months).

Produced by: Association of purple sugarcane production and business -Quang Ninh province.

Consulting Unit:  Centre for Agrarian Systems Research and Development, Field Crops Research  Institute