Origins: Quang Ninh province

Product Type: Fresh Chicken is protected by certification mark (NHCN) No. 221 449 dated 18.03.2014

Information about the product:  Tien Yen Chicken is one of the famous poultry products of the East of Quang Ninh province from the 70s of the twentieth century. Special Features is under the neb of hens generally have a long-haired tufts  so they are called ” beard hens “. Due to the natural grazing custom and dispersed for long times ago,  so Tien Yen chicken has dissociated into new lines with many different coat colors: Flowers apricot, brown, purple, blue, ash, yellow, … Weight at 6 old months chicken: Hens from 1.5 – 1.7kg / head; Cock from 2.2 – 2.7kg / head. Hens at 6 months of age,lays from 13 -15 eggs / cycle (90-100 eggs / year). Percentage hatched naturally reach 80-90% depending on the season.

Boiled Tien Yen  chicken, skin is yellow  as turmeric  and grease, meat delicious, juicy, sweet and crunchy.

Season: Chickens are raised and sold year-round.

Producers:  Tiên Yên chicken union of Society producing and consumming

Consulting Unit:  Centre for Agrarian Systems Research and Development, Field Crops Research  Institute