1. Origin

Authors: Tran Nguyen Thap, Vu Tuyen Hoang, Truong Van Kinh, Vu Thi Hang et all – Conventional Rice Research and Development Center – FCRI

Rice variety CH5 was bred from C22/CR101 in which father line C22 was imported from Philippines, and mother line CR101  was imported from Philippines;

It was certified as national variety according to Decision No. 5310 QĐ/BNN-KHCN date 29/11/2002.
2. Major morphology and varietal characteristics

– Growth duration: 120days

– It has hard stem, short and green leaves

– Panicle length 22-23cm; grain/panicle 135-140; L/W =2.9; 1000 grain weight 27-28g.

– It has low chalkiness, amylose content 25.5%, grain milling rate 69.8%

– Average yield 5.0 – 5.5tons/ha in irrigated condition, 4.0-4.5 tons/ha in rainfed condition.

– it can grow in intensive cultivation, mild resists to BPH, sheath blight, blast

– It can tolerate drought in every grow stages.

3. Contact

Inbred Rice Research and Development Center,

Gia Loc – Hai Duong

ĐT: 0320.3514926, 0320.3716928