1. Origin

Authors: Le Thi Thuc, Nguyen Tan Hinh, Truong Van Kinh, Nguyen Trong Khanh, et al. – Conventional Rice Research and Development – FCRI

PC6 was temporatory certified according to Decision No. 220/QD-TT-CLT October 8, 2008.

2. Major morphology and varietal characteristics

– Growth duration: 102-125 days in Spring, 90-95 days in Summer season.

– Plant height: 95-100 cm, panicle length: 23.5 cm, grains/panicle 110. 1000 grain weight 22.3 grams. Milling rate of 68.5%, low chalkiness, grain length of 6.7 mm, 18-19% amylose content.

– The average yield at 5.5-6.0 tons/ha.

– PC6 quite resists to cold, mild infection to Blast, Brown Plant hopper and bacterial leaf blight.

3. Contact

Inbred Rice Research and Development Center,

Gia Loc – Hai Duong

ĐT: 0220.3514926, 0220.3716928